dilluns, 7 abril de 2014

-Harley Queen page test-

Here it is. That it is the comic page test that I've did some time ago for a concurs that proposed DC for got a new talents. Obviously, the found someone else more much better, but I'm very happy with this page anyway. I've learned a lot doing it, and I got a lot fun.

dimecres, 4 desembre de 2013

Aquarel live drawing skizzen

Einige Skizzen aus dem Leben Zeichnung Sitzungen
Ich hoffe euch gefällt

diumenge, 1 desembre de 2013

Banh Aquarel Skizzen

Im Zug. Wenn ich nach Ludwigsburg, oder Walheim zurück. Oder in einer anderen Zeit

divendres, 6 setembre de 2013


A friend and I, we were travelling on the north of Ireland a few weeks ago. Here it is a few summary of all adventures over there. From Galway with a lot of fun, until Belfast, an insolated city close because the strikes of the day of before. 

dimecres, 19 juny de 2013

Hangover girl!!!

dissabte, 15 juny de 2013

Doodle of a little girl

dijous, 18 abril de 2013